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outdoor winter activities

December 3, 2009

Get Out and Enjoy the COLD!

That’s right, just because it isn’t 75 degrees and sunny out doesn’t mean that you are stuck inside!  Now that it is getting closer to winter and the temperature is dropping people are choosing to stay in rather than getting out, especially when it comes to exercising.  Well, we have some fun ideas for exercising outside in the cold weather, even with your baby or toddler.

Are you a jogger? Don’t let the weather hold you back!  Just make sure that you and baby (or toddler) are both dressed properly (layer, layer, layer!).  This time of the year can actually be a great time to take your little ones out and about because of all the beautiful holiday decorations.  Not only will you be able to get in your exercising for the day, but your baby or toddler will be excited to see all of the lights and decorations that are all around your neighborhoods and shopping centers.

Have older kids?  Finding time to exercise with older kids is always a challenge.  But instead of seeing the winter weather as holding you back, take advantage of it!  I can’t remember anything more fun than making snowmen, making snow angels or having a snowball fight when I was young.  So mom and dad…join in!  Although it may not seem like it, rolling up a snowman can be very exhausting.  Just by rolling up a snowman that is your height you will work up a sweat and be burning calories!  Want to burn even more?  Snowball fights are a great way to get a workout in with your family as well.

No snow?  Here’s a fun idea for the family…Take a walk around your neighborhood together (sizes may vary, so shoot for 30 minutes) and check out your neighbors decorations.  Tell your kids that they get to choose which one is their favorite and deliver the winner a prize (we suggest having the little ones decorate a 1st place ribbon before you go out)!  This is a great way to get the whole family out and exercising together and to have fun!

So whatever you choose to do this winter, just make sure you get out and enjoy the COLD!!!