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going green

March 12, 2010

Go GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day!

When I think of going “green” for St. Patrick’s Day,  little leprachauns, and clovers are what used to come to mind.  These days going green has a different connotation. So if you want to go green for St. Patrick’s day (in both ways) we have just the things!

First, one of our favorites here in Chevy Chase is the Babyganics Essentials Kit.  This set of essential cleaning supplies is not only green but it really works!!!

Babyganics Essentials Home Kit

Next, our 3 Sprouts Eco-Friendly Smock, is fun for everyone!  Helps reduce the clean-up and with the cute little animals on front they are super fun for kids to wear while their creative juices are flowing.

Frog Art Smock

Our Eco-Friendly Wooden Toy Dino is not only beautifully designed, but will be hours of fun for you little one that is on the go!

Heirloom Animal Push Toy - Dino

Have a little one in school?  Our Recycle Eco Pack is the perfect thing!  Not only is it eco-friendly itself (made completely out of recycled plastic bottles) but it also promotes going green with its cool design.

Little Eco Pack - Recycle

And finally, with the weather starting to warm up, our next pick is perfect for the active child.  Our Green Toys Eco Saucer is a ton of fun and made out of 100% recycled milk jugs!