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children’s photography

January 11, 2010

Family-Friendly Photos

Want something a little different from your kids “same old” school picture?  We found just the person!  Emily Weiss Photography, a local photographer, has a really unique way of capturing you and your family in their most natural state.  Instead of getting the kids all dressed up in their Sunday best (then having to make sure it stays clean!) and then trying to make them look natural in a setting they’ve never been in before can end in unhappy kids and so-so looking pictures.  Well, the experience that you will get with Emily Weiss is a very different one.  She will come out to your house and spend time with you and your family in order to capture them in their most natural environment.  She will even go out and about with you to the park or even grandma and grandpa’s house.  By keeping you in your natural environment it allows her to have fun with the shoot and capture the relationship and not just the cheesy forced smiles.  Click here for more information about how to book a session with Emily Weiss Photography. You can email or call to set up a session, but make sure you do it soon…sessions fill up fast!